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    Harry Potter Facts

    Voldy only lived to 71? He killed for immortality and only lived to a decade below life expectancy haha what an idiot

    I’m guessing that was intentional on JK Rowling’s part…

    He did all those terrible things to live forever and because of them he wound up living LESS than he would have if he hadn’t…

    I just really lol’d about the essay one. I hope it’s true.

  2. ☛ On the Phelps and Westboro Baptist Church


    The powers that be in Topeka are currently circulating a branding survey, asking Topekans what they think their city should be known for. Everyone here has wanted a ‘silver bullet’ solution to all of the city’s problems, and we’ve wanted one for decades. We’ve tried plenty of things, and most of…

    If you don’t like what they’re saying, change the conversation.

  3. Oklahoma City Memorial

  4. Caffeine Crawl in OKC. Pre-Vietnam Bucket list item unlocked: road trip with sisters.

    And curly hair, never forget.

  5. erinbowman:

    Children’s books contain some of the truest wisdom.

  6. hidden-panda:

    I’m so tired. So drained. It’s just one thing after the next. I keep waiting for my break. Instead I’m currently half partner in the geriatric home for dogs, constantly dreading the next round of bad news.

    Maybe my mom was right. Maybe I do need someone I to talk to. But, what will that solve? None of this is going away anytime soon.

    So here’s the link. A friend through social wrote it, and it has stuck with me. Maybe it will help you, in one way or another.

  7. The highest compliment ever

    The highest compliment ever

  8. On the double spaces and editing

    Editing out the second space after a period is a lot like following a toddler around and picking up his discarded toys.

    You put two spaces in, and then I follow up by deleting one.

    Let’s dance.

  9. Please tell me it was humid today.

    Please tell me it was humid today.

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    Still not entirely sure that cats aren’t a mass hallucination we’re all having

    (via everythingbutharleyquinn)